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WATERFEEL - Water based lube 175ml Sugar cloud

WATERFEEL - Water based lube 175ml Sugar cloud

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Sometimes better! The same sensation, texture, long duration and delicious flavor as always... in a new format!

Waterfeel , the reference lubricant brand in the lubricant market, with millions of units sold in recent years, presents its usual lubricants in a new 175 ml format and new locking cap.

Its texture and long-lasting lubrication make it perfect for lubricating for long periods of time, for applying a sensual massage to your partner, and, above all, for oral sex thanks to its exquisite and intense flavor. Cleaning is also not a problem since it does not stain or is sticky, and can be easily cleaned by just applying a little water.

  • Sugar Clouds flavored lubricant
  • Water based
  • With locking cap, take it anywhere safely.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Compatible with latex condoms
  • Format: 175 ml
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