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Clitoral suction stimulator: Shushu

Clitoral suction stimulator: Shushu

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The launch of Rithual™ Shushu™ is a whole new innovation for women. Spectacular technology that combines vacuum and energetic pulsations that stimulate the clitoris without touching it and unexpectedly achieve orgasms. The compact and elegant clitoral stimulator is very easy to use.

Why Rithual™ Shushu™? We give you 10 exclusive reasons that will make you search for Shushu Ritual.

  • Incredible Power
  • Vibration and suction in a single toy
  • Unique compact size on the market, Perfect to take anywhere, its compact size allows you to carry it in your bag to the office or on a trip.
  • Silicone that takes care of your skin
  • Ergonomic, perfect for the woman to hold in her hand while sucking
  • Fast and guaranteed orgasm
  • Tested on 20 professional women in the Erotic sector who guarantee its 100% effectiveness
  • Silicone head that stimulates all your senses
  • Exclusive color that combines relaxation and luxury
  • Unique price on the market.

Enjoy the show of life!! , sex toys and lust, attention!: pressure and vibration waves in the same sex toy? Well yes! The new Rithual™ Shushu™ with vibration will make your wettest dreams come true.

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