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INTT - Vanilla smell massage foam

INTT - Vanilla smell massage foam

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INTT Crunchy Foam Vanilla is a deliciously moisturizing, effervescent, sweet vanilla-scented foam designed for both relaxing and highly arousing massages.

When the small particles of the foam come into contact with the hands and body, they provide a totally energizing experience, since it activates microcirculation. Its vanilla aroma sharpens the senses and leaves the skin with a velvety, light and soft texture. It is not kissable and is designed for massages throughout the body, with the exception of the intimate area.

It comes in a very practical 100 ml dispenser container.

Main features:

  • Moisturizing and effervescent foam.
  • Vanilla scent.
  • Relaxing and exciting massages.
  • Energizing experience.
  • It leaves the skin soft and smooth.
  • It's not kissable.
  • Comfortable with dispenser.
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