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INTT - "Strawberry" liquid vibrator

INTT - "Strawberry" liquid vibrator

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INTT Vibration is a powerful stimulating gel specially designed to provide vibrating sensations in the intimate area.

It is a liquid vibrator that is applied to the intimate area, either on the vulva/clitoris or on the penis/glans, and provides very intense sensations. The Vibration also adds flavor/aroma of sweet and sweet Strawberry. Totally suitable for penetration, masturbation and thanks to its sweet aroma and Strawberry flavor, it makes it very pleasant to be kissable, thus improving the practice of oral sex and opening up a wide range of game possibilities.

A small amount should be applied to the intimate area and the product gently massaged.

It comes in a comfortable and practical container with a 15 ml dispenser.

Main features:

  • stimulating gel.
  • Vibrating fluid.
  • Add aroma/flavor to sweet Strawberry
  • Increases the sensitivity of the intimate area.
  • kissable.
  • Suitable for penetration, masturbation and oral sex.
  • It provides a great game option.
  • Comfortable and practical format.
  • With dispenser.
  • 15 ml bottle.
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