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COQUETTE TOYS - Anal plug 2.8 X 4.1cm L

COQUETTE TOYS - Anal plug 2.8 X 4.1cm L

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Welcome to the world of Coquette Chic Desire! The narrow but not sharp tip of the toy not only easily penetrates the tightest places, but also fits as comfortably as possible inside. With this Coquette Chic Desire anal plug you can make any movement and take poses, it will give you a pleasant feeling of fullness without damaging the sensitive places.

Try to use it during foreplay - the wide bottom of the toy will develop a sphincter to prepare you for anal sex. Or even leave it in during vaginal sex - it will gently and pleasantly stimulate the erogenous zones, without absolutely interfering with partners.

Due to the anatomical shape, the toy is perfectly supported by the muscles during sex. Plus, this graphite plug is just beautiful - a shiny coating and a sparkling crystal at the bottom. It is made of skin-friendly material - metal. It does not attract odors, it is easy to wash and even disinfect.

  • Made of Metal
  • Quickly adapts to body temperature
  • Valid for all lubricants.
  • Product Dimensions: 2.8 X 4.1CM
  • Nickel free metal.


Each product includes a gold zippered bag that allows you to store the product after using it safely # taking care of the details

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